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Date:2015-04-26 02:20
Subject:Ten Top Calls for Submission at ForbiddenFiction

A Taste of Romance - A collection of novellas where the food is as tasty as the sex. This collection focuses on romance and food, with the bonus of a recipe (original) of one of the dishes in each story. (Nearly complete. Need only 1-2 more courses.)

Swords and Sandals - Erotic tales of the ancient Mediterranean world. Tales from Rome, Greece, Egypt, and more. We'd love to see decadent stories  from behind the pages of history - Gladiators, slaves, Senators, warriors, Centurions, brothels, orgies - inspired by the stories of these ancient cultures. (Nearly complete. Maybe one more story?)

Out of Habit - Erotic tales of clergy - priests, priestesses, nuns, ministers, imams, rabbis, monks and acolytes. (Nearly complete. Maybe one more story?)

Of Passion and Steam - Erotic stories of Victorian and/or steampunk. Sex toys of brass, gears and steam? Victorian historical, science fiction or magic - all turned toward heating things up. (Half-way there!)

Breaking Gender – Erotic stories featuring transgender and/or gender non-conforming characters who take names and kick ass. Shapeshifters welcome! How about a steampunk, transwoman dom with an eyepatch? Or even the classic trope of a cabin boy who is a girl in disguise. As is always true at FF, we need strong plots and believable characters, not just sex scenes. (Half-way there!)

Southern Queer - Erotic stories of being queer (GLBT) in the American deep south.

Bring Out Your Dead - Erotic stories of the dead, the undead, and the living who have to deal with them. Graphic horror meets graphic erotica in stories you can sink your teeth into. (Half-way there!)

Into the Wicked Woods - Erotic fairy tales where Ever After isn't always so Happy, and everyone gets what's coming to them.

Scales and Claws - Dragons: awesome, terrifying creatures of magic, fire and passion. Erotic stories featuring dragons who lust for more than hoards of gold.

Winter's Darkest Desires - Erotic stories from the dark side of the holidays. Winter brings longer nights and holiday cheer is not always enough. Dark passions? Naughty Santa? Drunken holiday party mistakes?

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Date:2014-12-08 06:47
Subject:25% off all Ebooks at FFP

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Date:2014-12-08 06:34
Subject:12 Days of Free Ebooks from FFP

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Date:2013-12-11 01:38
Subject:Congrats to our 2013 RAINBOW AWARDS WINNERS!

We are gratfied and delighted that three of our novels made it to the finals for the 2013 Rainbow Awards. They placed in the top five in six different categories.

Even more amazing is that these were first novels by their authors and the first time our publishing house has been in the contest. It's a wonderful perk to a great second year in publishing. We're told there were 400 entries, and yet these three books took spots in the top five of six catetories for a total of 7 spots.


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Date:2013-10-02 00:22
Subject:3 FINALISTS in the Rainbow Awards - Lovers in Arms, Held in Dreams & Inherent Gifts

 Historical Romance


 Science Fiction


Lovers in Arms
by Osiris Brackhaus
Held in Dreams
by Ava Burquette
Inherent Gifts
by Alicia Cameron

Congratulations to our amazing authors!

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Date:2013-09-25 17:45
Subject:Want an exciting and fun learning experience? Internships available at FFP!

INTERNSHIPS available with ForbiddenFiction (Fantastic Fiction Publishing) - Looking for Fall & Winter Interns. Come learn with us! http://forbiddenfiction.com/Internships

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Date:2013-09-02 20:48
Subject:Dany's Axioms (or how to be happier)

This is my on-going list of (currently 15) Axioms – things that when I believe them, or at least act like I believe them, I am happier and so are those around me. These things contribute to the well-being of myself and those I love.

  1. Energy undirected will find form. – If you raise energy without directing it, it may find outlets you are not comfortable with. Buried emotions can come up when you least expect it. Energy is as real as matter, find ways to channel it safely.

  2. Make conscious the unconscious. – If you make conscious the unconscious motivations, results and ideals of yourself or others’, you make informed choice possible.

  3. Kindness and respect are everyone’s due, even you. – No matter what they or you have done, it is never a bad idea to treat someone with kindness and respect.

  4. Everyone is doing the best they know how to do given the resources they currently have. – That doesn’t mean that you approve of what they are doing. But they may not have had the knowledge, experience, stability or physical ability to have done it differently. Offering help in such areas will result in better results than punishment. Of course, if they do not want to do it differently, protecting yourself is also an option.

  5. Never assume malice. – Most of the time, people act without the understanding of why they do what they do, let alone the consequences of their behavior. That does not mean you must accept the behavior. But it is usually not helpful to assume malice.

  6. It probably isn't about you. – We often react to other people as a child who thinks the world revolves around them. Most of the time, when other people are angry or afraid, it is not about us but about their own history.

  7. You are responsible for your own actions or inactions. – We may not always be in control of our emotions, but we are responsible for our behavior. We are not responsible for the behavior of others. Even parents can only guide their children.

  8. Everything and everyone changes. – You can't go back. Places change, people change. For example, if you knew someone ten years ago, you must learn them anew. Survival is about adapting to changing situations.

  9. Breathe deep and slow, and the pain will go. – Taking time to breathe, relax and think can help in most areas of life. Breathing deep and relaxing will lessen physical pain by getting additional oxygen into the blood stream. It also helps you get in touch with your body, emotions, and make better decisions.

  10. When in doubt, talk it out. – Check with the person you are upset with. Share with, ask questions and really listen to them. Maybe you don’t have all the facts. Maybe it is a misunderstanding. You won’t know until you talk. If you can’t or are too upset to talk to them yet, talk with someone who can help you get a reality check on what you are thinking.

  11. Create detours, not road blocks. – If someone is doing or saying something you do not like or are unhappy with the way they are doing it, suggest an alternative. They may not know another way. By focusing on what you want instead of what you do not want, you may both get what you need.

  12. The only way out, is through. – No matter what happened, you have to move forward. You can't avoid the consequences, we have to work through them. You can turn, make a new path, but you can't retrace your steps backward. Learn from the past, but move toward the future.

  13. Put your own mask on first. – Airlines always caution people in an emergency to put their own oxygen mask on first before helping others. The urge to help others is good but if you don't take care of yourself, you will be of no help to anyone else.

  14. Birds have wings, cats have claws and humans have culture. – We are an interdependent species. We evolved to function as part of social groups. It is our greatest sources of stress and our key to success. Never underestimate the need to be part of a human community. Children are not the only ones who need the village to be healthy. The trick is to balance individual needs with that of other people.

  15. Balance in all things. – Happiness is not in excess but in the balance of all things in one’s life. To be whole is to allow for complexity and to find a way to give space for competing elements – needs/desires/feelings/ideas.

Copyright D. Atkins 2005. Last revised 9/2/2013

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Date:2013-01-15 12:21
Subject:Want an exciting and fun learning experience? Internships available at FFP!

INTERNSHIPS at FFP - Looking for Winter & Spring Interns. Come learn with us! http://forbiddenfiction.com/Internships

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Date:2012-11-26 20:58
Subject:Blog Post on Fan and Pro Writing

Haivng been part of both the publishing world and fan culture for most of my adult life, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the differences in the types of writing. Working on ForbiddenFiction has meant working with writers who are sometimes unused to the diffrences. So, my latest blog entry is an attempt to explain it:

The Real Difference Between Professional Writing and Fan Writing by D.M. Atkins

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Date:2012-01-19 19:15
Subject:Why SOPA is dangerous, an explanation of the bill

Originally posted by [info]nyxmidnight at Why SOPA is dangerous, an explanation of the bill

Why SOPA is dangerous
To Sum Up
  • Gives the government the right to unilaterally censor foreign websites.
  • Gives copyright holders the right to issue economic takedowns and bring lawsuits against website owners and operators, if those websites have features that make it possible to post infringing content. [A comment feature is enough.]
  • Makes it a felony offense to post a copyrighted song or video.

This bill turns us all into criminals. If it passes, then you either stop using the Internet, or you simply hope that you never end up in the crosshairs, because if you’re targeted, you will be destroyed by this bill. You don’t have to be a big, mean, nasty criminal — common Internet usage is effectively criminalized under this law. This bill will kill American innovation and development of the Internet, as it will become too risky to do anything of value. It is toxic and dangerous, and should not, under any circumstances, be supported.

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Date:2011-11-18 17:15
Subject:A Box of Love Letters and Six Roses

I have been reading a box of letters I've carried around, unread, for 35 years.

It's a love story and it's beautiful and makes me cry. All of them are from my mom (Mary) to my dad (John) who was in Viet Nam that year (1968). Mom had left her abusive husband (with Johnny's help) and was waiting for him to return so they could marry and start their life together.

I wish I had Johnny's side of the letters, but I only have mom's. She was 28, had three little girls and no money. The letters detail her struggle to survive, her battle for a divorce from her ex and her longing for Johnny. She wrote nearly every day for nine months. They also sent tapes, though those have not survived.

She tells her daily life with three small children. She sent children's drawings and a list of the first words I learned to read. She tells him how important it is that he survive. Always, how much she needs him and the life they will create together.

I was there. I was 6 and I remember this. I remember mom crying all the time, not having enough food, bill collectors pounding on the door and her hiding from them, the red white and blue letters from John... soo much coming back to me.

It's an amazing story. It does remind me that romance novels drive me crazy because "happy endings" depend on where you end. If you stop when he comes back, marries "us" (he said that), carries us off to our new home in Oklahoma, and they have another baby, then it's a happy ending.

Problem is that the happy ended 6 years later when a hit and run driver killed him.

Mom went through a grief purge in 1976 and tried to throw away all of his stuff. I managed to save a lot. I remember finding the letters and deciding not to read them but to save them for the future. I carried that box of letters around for the next 35 years, knowing that when mom died, I would read them.

These letters are such an amazing window into the past. I've always planned to write a book about mom's life.

After he died, mom became an activist. She changed the world in so many ways, saved so many women's lives, both individually and through the changes she helped bring about. She never remarried. On her deathbed she was talking about how now she would "go dancing with Johnny" again.

It makes me cry for her again.

My husbands say it's why I have a thing for tragic angsty romances. And why I still like to give them a happy ending no matter how much bad happens. Someday though, I will write the story where one dies and write about grief.

It's so important but most love stories don't write about surviving that kind of loss. Even most tragic love stories have both of them die, like Romeo & Juliet. The really hard thing is honoring the person by going on.  Mom did it for us - four children.

When dad died, my aunt sent my mom a bouquet of six roses - one for each precious year they had together.

Remember that makes my tear up every time. Those six years though - they were worth it. They saved us. They taught me it could happen, that love like that was real.

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Date:2011-11-15 00:43
Subject:Last chance for perks at ForbbiddenFiction.com

Today is the last day of our Indiegogo fund raising campaign and your last chance to sign up for such perks as a autographed books, custom made floggers, year long paid memberships and more. Check it out and see our video:

Come check out the:
ForbiddenFiction.com Launch Campaign

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Date:2011-10-26 11:22
Subject:With each breath I take...

"Well, I'm gonna get out of bed every morning... breathe in and out all day long. Then, after a while I won't have to remind myself to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out..." (From Sleepless in Seattle.)

My mother, Mary E. Atkins, an amazing feminist and social justice activist for nearly half a century, died Saturday. There are no words to describe the void left.

I sat beside her bed, holding her hand and singing to her for the last two days of her life. To say that my mother and I were close would be an extreme understatement. My dad died when I was 13. That left mom with four children to raise and I am the eldest. Mom and I took care of each other and my sisters. Mom was my friend, my ally, my teacher, my mentor and so much more.

One of my mother's favorite songs about our relationship was, "You and Me Agaisnt the World" by Helen Reddy:

You and me against the world
Sometimes it seems like you and me against the world
When all the others turn their backs and walk away
You can count on my to stay

And when one of us is gone
And one of us is left to carry on
Then remembering will have to do
Our memories alone will get us through
Think about the days of me and you
You and me against the world

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Date:2011-10-14 23:10
Subject:BASCon 11 - Bay Area Slash Convention

I'll be attending BASCon again this year, November 4-6.

This year I will also be giving two presentations:

Erotic Writing – It’s more than writing sex. (Saturday, Nov. 5, 1-2 PM)
Some sex writing sound little better than read stereo instructions (Insert tab A in slot B), Learn what it take to make writing about sex meltingly hot.

Switching – Fan-fiction and Pro-writing. (Saturday, Nov. 5, 2-3 PM)
Some tips for fan writers who want to become paid authors. It’s not always an either/or. Some of us switch both ways.

Anyone else going? I'd love to hear form you.

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Date:2011-09-16 16:23
Subject:ARTISTS - Invitation from FFP

We are looking for artists who can work on commission providing color covers for books.

(Yes, fan art can be part of your portfolio! Accounts on Deviant Art, etc.)

If you are interested, please send email with a link to samples of your work to: submissions@forbiddenfiction.com

Free memberships are sill available at: ForbiddenFiction.com

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Date:2011-09-14 18:49
Subject:The Right to Say No - And the Right to Say Yes!

I attened the Erotic Author's Association conference last weekend. I was a marvellous experience. In particular, I am always impressed by how many of the authors of erotic fiction are women and the way feminism has opened up choices for everyone.

During the conference, I explained that my radical feminist mother taught me: The right to say "No' should also include the right to say 'Yes.'

I thought folks might like to read a segment from an earlier writing where I explained some of that background.

From the "Introduction" to Lesbian Sex Scandals (page 2), by Dawn Atkins (my birth name, though I no longer use it):

Lips pressed together, tongues touching, hands caressing and sweaty bodies – the glorious feeling of touching and being touched by a woman – lesbianism, I have been told, has nothing to do with this. It is primarily a political agenda. The test of a true feminist.

My mother taught me about feminism. Feminism was carrying signs in front a building when the Junior Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t admit girls. Feminism was writing papers about women for history classes. Feminism was marching in ERA demonstrations, even when men threw rocks at us. Feminism was being on call for the rape crisis hotline. Feminism’s goal was equality for everyone. Feminism was my mother supporting and encouraging her four daughters to become strong and independent – and to change the world.

Jackie taught me something else. She taught me that being touched by another was what made it all worthwhile. She taught me the pleasure I could find in the arms of another female body. Feminism was the struggle and strength. Sex was a source of pleasure and comfort.

What of the transformative power of sexual experience? Despite isolation from other lesbigay people in 1970s small town Oklahoma, I knew that I was not straight. Sexual experience, was for me and many others, was a defining moment in my identity. Although this is not true for everyone, we do ourselves, our lovers and our community, great disservice when we dismiss the power of sexual experience to shape our identities.

Did feminism influence my sexuality as well? Yes. My mother taught me feminism included fighting for the right to enjoy love and sex, with whomever I wanted -- and that I should never give over the right to my follow my own heart, mind or body. I think my radical feminist mother was unprepared for the directions her daughter would take these teachings. We are both feminist and she is proud of my work, but where sexual politics are concerned, we often take very different approaches.

Since that was published in 1998, my mother has also come to accept a broader range of approaches to feminism and sexuality, including supporting me as a omni-sexual, gender-queer, polyamorus kinky writer.

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Date:2011-09-07 16:25
Subject:OMG, I'm on VIDEO!

Come see a VIDEO with myself and Fenwick explaining ForbiddenFiction.com! It's an IndieGoGo fundraising campaing for set-up. Really, I let them film me and everything. (Can't hide any more!)

Come check out the:
ForbiddenFiction.com Launch Campaign

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Date:2011-08-26 18:10
Subject:ForbiddenFiction Publishing Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions
Erotic fiction in all lengths, genres, sexualities and kinks!

ForbiddenFiction.com is a publisher devoted to writing that breaks the boundaries of original erotic fiction. We are seeking stories which combine intense sexuality with quality writing. If it's a well written erotic story, we'll consider it.

We are seeking work in many different genres – contemporary, mystery, historical, western, science fiction, fantasy, romance, adventure, thriller, and horror. Our stories cover a range of sexual practices, gender and orientations.

We are particularly interested in stories that break with convention, particularly aspects involving bondage, sado-masochism, sexual violence, age disparity, slavery, power differences and very dark themes. In fact, if it violates taboos in some fashion, we are more likely to publish it.

Authors with ForbiddenFiction.com receive not only royalties through multiple income streams, but professional support through all phases, including editorial development, proofreading, book design and publication, promotions and technical support. Authors and editors at Authors with ForbiddenFiction.com are part of the team and get an Author's Membership to the site. This gives authors a chance to interact with both readers and peers, in a safe environment where the technical side is handled for them.

ForbiddenFiction.com is a full-service, royalty-paying publisher that offers multiple forms of publications and income streams, including ebook and print. We work with both established and new authors. Our contract requests full rights to the work, including digital, audio and print, but is negotiable and available for review upon acceptance of your story. We prefer original works, but will consider previously published stories as well.

For more information see our Submissions Information and Guidelines at: http://www.forbiddenfiction.com/submissions

ForbiddenFiction.com also has Free Memberships. Sign up in advance and get a special invitation when curtain opens and the stories begin!

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Date:2011-08-01 01:34
Subject:Free Memberships at ForbiddenFiction.com

ForbiddenFiction.com has opened the option of Free Memberships. Sign up in advance and get a special invitation when curtain opens and the stories begin!

You can also follow updates at any of the social media sites listed on the sidebar on the site.

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Date:2011-07-08 14:34
Subject:ForbiddenFiction is Inviting Submissions

ForbiddenFiction.com is opening submissions. Not yet ready for general call, but those following can read revised information on our Submissions Page!

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